Michigan Prison Arts Initiative



The Kresge Foundation provided the Prison Creative Arts Project a generous grant to expand and enhance the exciting work we do.  This page is a legacy to that work, providing resources for volunteers who wish to facilitate creative arts workshops, as well as organizations/facilities who wish to incorporate the creative arts in their programming.  We know the exciting possibilities in creative expression and the incredible impact the arts have on communities, and we hope this page is useful in bringing the arts to more places for more people to experience them!


Kresge 220

This project made possible by a grant from The Kresge Foundation.

Helpful Links

Creative Writing Resources:
Poetry 180 is designed to make it easy for students to hear or read a poem on each of the 180 days of the school year. I have selected the poems you will find here with high school students in mind.

The Pongo Teen Writing Project is a volunteer, nonprofit program for teens who are on the streets, in jail, or in other ways leading difficult lives. We love to help young people express themselves through poetry, especially teens who have never written before. (And we want to share our teaching techniques with caring adults.) This site is dedicated to our authors!

Theatre Resources:
Theatre of the Oppressed

Arts On The Move is a one-stop-shop for all your drama, theatre and creative needs, providing a comprehensive range of resources, information, advice and support... It’s all in the name, comprehensive resource for theater work in a variety of spaces!

Visual Art Resources:
Expressive Art Workshops: Expressive art is spontaneous art and it employs the principle of synchronicity in that it tells you exactly what you need to know for your growth in this moment. Creation without pre-planning often clears out unconscious psychological patterns we are unaware of. Spontaneous imagery is often "wider" than words and it can invite our deeper, more intuitive wisdom to pour forth into our practical, everyday world.” An amazing site for creative freedom and expressive possibilities within a workshop setting!

Youth in Arts was founded in 1970 by local arts advocates dismayed by diminishing resources available for arts education in California schools.

James McMullan, Line By Line: James McMullan is an internationally acclaimed artist… Among his many critical and instructional writings are the recent columns on drawing, Line By Line, for the New York Times online. This is an excellent instructional resource for drawing; each article can serve as the base to a weekly workshop!

Organizations to Know

The Recovery High Program is a collaborative effort between BASES, Charlevoix Probate Court and Boyne City Alternative Education that was started in 1999. The program provides extensive substance abuse education, intervention and treatment services to young people and their families.
Mary Hickman, Program Coordinator


Shop Floor Theatre Company exists to create original and transformative ensemble-based theatre with and for people of all ages, experiences, and backgrounds.
Andrew Morton, Artistic Director


University of Michigan-Flint Outreach works to facilitate learning and engagement through thoughtful collaboration and partnerships with campus and community.
Mona Munroe-Younis, Service-Learning Coordinator