Speakers Bureau

Speakers Bureau volunteers are available to facilitate presentations about PCAP and the system of incarceration for your classroom, campus organization, or community organization. Each presentation bears witness to the PCAP participants who are incarcerated in Michigan and to the thousands of other men, women, and children who are affected by the system.

Each Speakers Bureau facilitator creates an interactive presentation designed to suit the needs and requests of the particular audience. The interactive format allows participants to personally engage with the material, as well as open up a dialogue about incarceration. These presentations often provide a first glimpse into the world of incarceration and the idea of who is being incarcerated in our country. Through drama, writing, and art activities, a short film, and/or active discussion, we are able to engage in a topic rarely acknowledged or discussed in our communities.

To request a presentation, contact pcapinfo@umich.edu.

Michigan Prison Arts Initiative

PCAP’s twenty year commitment to the incarcerated in Michigan includes sending volunteer creative arts workshop facilitators to prisons and youth facilities within an hour’s drive of Ann Arbor. Thanks to support from The Kresge Foundation, PCAP is partnering with college and university faculty, artists, and arts organizations across the state to expand arts-based collaborative workshops in prisons and juvenile facilities. Visit the Michigan Prison Arts Initiative page to learn more.