Our People

PCAP's faculty and staff are listed below. Other people at PCAP include our student members, alumni group (PCAP Associates), and national advisory board.

  • Buzz Alexander

    Buzz Alexander

    Founder, Curator 3275 Angell Hall

    734-426-4819 / alexi@umich.edu

  • Phil Christman

    Phil Christman

    Editor of PCAP Literary Review 3012 Tisch

    734.764.0418 / chrip@umich.edu

  • GrahamHamilton165

    Graham Hamilton

    Arts Programming Coordinator 1801 East Quad

    734-647-7673 / grahamh@umich.edu

  • Ashley Lucas

    Ashley Lucas


    U.S. Latina/o theatre, prison-related theatre, theatre for social change, and related topics in acting, playwriting, and comparative ethnic studies.lucasash@umich.edu

  • vmayeskyprofile

    Vanessa Mayesky

    Associate Director 1801 East Quad

    734-647-6771 / vmayesky@umich.edu

  • Janie Paul profile picture

    Janie Paul

    Senior Curator

    734-936-0681 / janiep@umich.edu

  • ShakaSenghor165

    Shaka Senghor

    Atonement Project Coordinator


  • HeatherWilson165

    Heather Wilson

    Membership and Events Coordinator 1801 East Quad

    734-764-7477 / hwilsonm@umich.edu