Philosophy GSI Handbook: Developing Your Style

I. Introduction
A. Purpose of Handbook
B. List of Contributors

II. General suggestions for graduate students instructors
A. Meeting your class for the first time
B. Organizing Classroom Time: Leading and Motivating Discussion
C. Handouts
D. Grading/Commenting on Papers
E. Teaching Students How to Write Papers and Take Exams
F. Dealing with Students' Academic, Personal, and Disciplinary Problems
G. Sexual Harassment/Involvement with Students
H. Creating a Non-Discriminatory Learning Environment
I.  Departmental Procedures and Resources

III. Teaching your own class
A. Reading preparation and distribution 
B. Preparing a Syllabus
C. Assignments
D. Formulating Paper Topics, Exams, and Handouts
E. Preparing Lectures/Ratio of Lecture to Discussion