The Wirt and Mary Cornwell Prize is awarded, typically on an annual basis, to a graduate student who shall have demonstrated outstanding "intellectual curiosity" and exceptional "promise of original study and creative work" in their field of study, according to the terms of the bequest from the Cornwells. The Prize is actually a fellowship, available to candidates and pre-candidates to cover tuition and stipend. Students living in the Ann Arbor area must be enrolled for as many credits as would be needed for GSI's to earn a tuition waiver. Students out of residence must be pursuing philosophy full-time as visitors at another university while enjoying this prize. The Department automatically considers all graduate students for the Cornwell Prize.

Cornwell Prize Recipients

2013-14:  Paul Boswell, Adam Rigoni
2012-13:  Annette Bryson, Dmitri Gallow, Dan Peterson
2011-12   Billy Dunaway, Catharine "Cat" Saint Croix, Dan Singer
2010-11   Nathaniel Adam Tobias Coleman
2008-09   Stephen Campbell
2007-08   Ian Flora
2006-07   Lina Jansson
2005-06   Alexa Forrester
2004-05   Tim Sundell
2003-04   Kevin Coffey
2002-03   Remy Debes
2001-02   Steven Daskal
1999-00   Bruce Lacey
1998-99   Evan Kirchoff 
1997-98   Peter Vranas