The Department awards the John Dewey Prize, funded by the James B. and Grace J. Nelson Endowment for the Teaching of Philosophy, for excellence in teaching as a Graduate Student Instructor. Students must have achieved a record of excellence over more than one term of teaching to be eligible for consideration for this prize, awarded at the close of the Winter Term. The Department automatically considers all eligible students.

The prize carries an award of $900, Dewey's salary when he arrived at Michigan as an instructor in Philosophy in 1884. Dewey remained at Michigan until 1888. Dewey's interest in higher education, social science, and practical social reform were already emerging during this period. Dewey returned to Michigan in 1889 to head the Department. He remained for five years, moving the Department away from an ethics curriculum rooted in religion. Dewey's "pragmatism" was to develop much more fully during this period.

Additional information about Dewey's time at Michigan, his interest in education, his interest in education, and his career is available here. Also see Linda Robinson Walker's articles on Dewey's first (1884-1888) and second (1889-1894) periods at Michigan, and Brian A. Williams, John Dewey at the University of Michigan.


Dewey Prize Recipients

"Rackham" indicates students who also received the Rackham Graduate School Outstanding GSI Award:

2013-14:  Nils-Hennes Stear
2012-13:  Annette Bryson
2011-12   Chloe Armstrong (Rackham)
2010-11   Daniel Peterson
2009-10   Lina Jansson
2008-09   Ivan Mayerhofer
2007-08   Tim Sundell (Rackham)
2006-07   Soraya Gollop
2005-06   Alexa Forrester
2004-05   Mathew Silverstein  
2003-04   Steven Daskal (Rackham)
2002-03   Christie Hartley (Rackham)
2001-02   Katie McShane (Rackham)  
2000-01   Peter Vranas
1999-00   Karen Bennett  
1998-99   Suzanne Kovinsky (Rackham)  
1997-98   Samuel Ruhmkorff (Rackham)
1996-97   Jeffery Allen   
1996-97   Manyul Im (Rackham)  
1995-96   Nadeem Hussain (Rackham)  
1993-94   Jeffrey Kasser