The Master's program is designed primarily for students who are pursuing a professional program or academic degree outside of philosophy, for whom a graduate credential in philosophy would be advantageous. It is also available to those who want to pursue philosophy for personal reasons. It is not designed for students who plan to obtain a doctorate in philosophy or pursue a career in the field. The M.A. program regulations are meant to be relatively flexible, to accommodate the needs of students with diverse backgrounds and long-range professional or personal goals.

If a student in the M.A. program decides he or she wants to work for a Ph.D., he or she must apply for admission to the Ph.D. program in the normal manner, in competition with other applicants. M.A. students at Michigan will not be given special consideration for admission to the Ph.D. program. If an M.A. student is accepted into the Ph.D. program, course work done as an M.A. candidate will not automatically be credited toward the Ph.D. requirements. Whether some or all of it is so credited is to be decided by petition.

There is no significant job market in philosophy for people with M.A. degrees only. It may be that in certain special cases an M.A. in philosophy, perhaps in conjunction with another degree, would help a person obtain employment in another field. But such cases are probably very rare.

Applications for the master's program are accepted for entry in the fall term. Application deadline is Tuesday, January 7, 2015 for all applications, preceding the fall in which one intends to begin the M.A. program. No financial aid is available for M.A. students.

Information about M.A. admission and applications is available here.