2012 Philosopher's Annual Selections

By kellycov
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The Editors of The Philosopher's Annual have made their final selection of the ten best articles published in philosophy this past year:

  • Helen Beebee, "Necessary Connections and the Problem of Induction," Noûs, 45 (2011), 504-527.
  • Campbell Brown, "Consequentialize This," Ethics 121 (2011), 749-771.
  • John F. Horty, "Rules and Reasons in the Theory of Precedent," Legal Theory, March 17 (2011), 1-33.
  • Paul Katsafanas, "The Concept of Unified Agency in Nietzsche, Plato, and Schiller," Journal of the History of Philosophy 49 (2011), 87-113.
  • David Liebesman, "Simple Generics,"  Noûs 45 (2011), 409-442.
  • Wayne C. Myrvold, "Statistical Mechanics and Thermodynamics: A Maxwellian View," Studies in History and Philosophy of Modern Physics 42 (2011), 237-243.
  • Samir Okasha, "Theory Choice and Social Choice: Kuhn vs. Arrow," Mind 120 (2011), 83-115.
  • Joshua Schechter, "Rational self-doubt and the failure of closure," Philosophical Studies, September 30 2011.
  • Mark Schroeder, "Ought, Agents, and Actions." Philosophical Review 120 (2011), 1-41.
  • Jason Turner, "Ontological Nihilism," in Oxford Studies in Metaphysics vol. 6, ed. Karen Bennett and Dean Zimmerman, Oxford University Press 2011, pp. 2-54.

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The Philosopher's Annual 2012 Editors- Patrick Grim, Chloe Armstrong, Billy Dunaway, Robin Zheng