Chris Nicholson

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chris nicholson

Admissions Committee, 2014-15

  • Fields of Study
    • Political Philosophy, Ethics
  • About

    Chris earned a BA in Philosophy and Political Science at the University of Alabama and a JD from Yale.  His main interests are in ethics and political philosophy.  He's especially interested in questions such as whether governments owe compensation to citizens who don't wish to be governed by them and, if they do, what form the compensation should take.  He's also beginning to wonder if the rapid technological progress the world is undergoing has important implications for political philosophy—as more and more jobs are performed by robots, for instance, theories that assert that people are entitled to resources largely because they have worked for them may become less plausible.

    In his free time Chris plays the piano and watches TV shows, movies, and basketball.  He plays a board game called Axis and Allies and probably takes it too seriously.  He's also working on a science fiction novel about lucid dreaming.