Jonathan Shaheen

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Tanner Library Committee & Outreach Coordinator, 2013-14

  • Fields of Study
    • Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, Logic, Philosophy of Science
  • About

    First things first: you insist on writing your biographical blurb in second-person in order to avoid the dilemma of choosing between first-person, which is unprofessional, and third-person, which is disingenuous. Now that that's settled...

    You have an AB in Philosophy and History with a minor in Ancient Greek and an MA in Philosophy from Michigan. Also, a filing cabinet in Amsterdam has your MSc in Logic from the Institute for Logic, Language and Computation at Universiteit van Amsterdam. You've published on Bakhtin and Hegel, presented at the APA about Proclus, and recently accepted a commission to write about Meinong. Your less marginal activities include thinking and writing about 'why' and 'because'. You also sometimes lead philosophy discussions in Detroit high schools. You should probably just hire somebody to write this thing in third person for you.