Full Text Journal Databases

Electronic Journals & Newspaper List 
Lists ONLY links to journals available online, be sure to check Mirlyn for complete journal holdings of the University Library.

Full text access to archives only of core scholarly journal in philosophy.

If journal not accessible electronically, check Mirlyn for print holdings.

MIT CogNet
Access to scientific research in the brain and cognitive sciences.

Philosophy Documentation Center
Formerly known as POIESIS. Full text access to approximately fifty philosophy journals.

Full text access to most Springer electronic journals as well as books published since 2005.

Wilson Select Plus
Full text for articles from 1,350+ general, humanities, business, science & social science periodicals.

Access to 24 databases from H. W. Wilson, including the 14 Wilson Indexes (11 with full text, 5 with Retrospective backfiles), Wilson Biographies Plus Illustrated, ERIC, Play Index, Short Story Index, and Wilson OmniFile Full Text Select.