Philosophical Installations: Collection of over 1500 videos free for non commercial use from the University of Oregon.

Generation Anthropocene: A weekly podcast from Stanford University which provides interviews about the Anthropocene from a social, scientific, economic, and moral perspectives. 

History of Philosophy podcasts: Peter Adamson, Professor of Ancient and Medieval Philosophy at King's College Longon, takes listeners through the history of philosophy "without any gaps." As of May 2012, 79 lectures.

Joy of Logic BBC full documentary 2013

KCND-FM: WHY? Philosophical Discussions About Everyday Life

Modern Day Philosophers "is a podcast created by comedian Danny Lobell. It features Danny and a different comedian every week discussing philosophy. It can be listened to on iTunes or SoundCloud."

New Books in Philosophy
 Discussions with Authors about Their New Books. Other subject areas can be found on the New Books network.

The Reith Lectures, 1948- present: A series of annual radio lectures on significant contemporary issues from experts in the relevant discipline. From BBC.

Society for Applied Philosophy Series of Podcasts
2011:    Amartya Sen. "The Global Reach of Human Rights"
2010:    Philip Kitcher. "Militant Modern Atheism"
2009:    Thomas Pogge. "Measuring Development, Poverty and Gender Equity"
2008:    Baroness Onora O'Neill. Natualism, Normativity, and Applied Ethics"
University of Oxford Philosophy Podcasts 
  Includes the following: John Locke Lectures, Isaiah Berlin Lectures, Interviews with Philosophers, Philosophy for Beginners, Critical Reasoning for Beginners, General Philosophy, Nietzsche on Mind and Nature, Kant's Critique of Pure Reason, Aesthetics and the Philosophy of Art, and Bio-Ethics Bites.

Philosopher's Pipe: Philosophy Podcasts Piped Into One Place : Podcasts from Philosophy Bites, BBC Radio, The Philosopher's Zone, Elucidations, Minerva, SuchThatCast, Why?Radio and Philosophy Now. Updated twice a day, "A Digital Humanities project."

wiphi: open access philosophy: Three schools, Duke, Yale, and MIT have joined together to demonstrate how to do philosophy rather than for them to simply learn what philosophers have thought, we see it as equally important to develop the critical thinking skills that are core to the methodology of philosophy.

John Broome.
Tanner Lectures on Human Values, 2012. "The Public and Private Morality of Climate Change."

Kit Fine: 'Truth Making' sponsored by dialectica at the American Philosophical Association Eastern Division conference, 2011.

Bertrand Russell. From the BBC, with AC Grayling, Mike Beaney, and Hilary Greaves.