U Library Resources

A list of useful links to the MLibrary system.

Book Request Form (login required). Online form to make purchase requests.

Computing and Wireless. Questions answered regarding services and availability.

Copy and Printing Services.

Deep Blue
. University of Michigan's permanent, safe, and accessible service for representing our rich intellectual environment.

Dissertations: How to research, how to do a literature review how to find a particular dissertation, technical help with formatting, workshops, etc.

Graduate Library and all library building hours.

Library Floor Plans. The Graduate Library can be tricky on the north side, highly recommend looking at map if you are a new user.

Library Outages. This is a communication tool to alert MLibrary users to outages, regularly scheduled maintenance, and serious problems with electronic journal and database problems. 

Remote Access and Proxy Server. Answers questions, troubleshooting suggestions regarding connection problems.

Search Tools. Search databases across the disciplines.

Research Subject Guides. A collection of resources (print and electronic) produced by subject specialists the Graduate Library.