Haller Paper Prize Recipients

Haller Paper Prize Recipients

Abraham Morrison (Fall 11)
"Knowledge, Reasons, and Rationality".  
(PHIL 443 / Jim Joyce)

Brian Hooven (Fall 10) 
"Torture and Supreme Emergencies"
(PHIL 430 / Fritz Allhof, Visiting Professor)

Jeffrey L. McMahan (Fall 10)
"The Uniqueness Account of 'the'"
(PHIL 426 / Rich Thomason)

Shai Madjar (Winter 11)
"Causation, Responsibility, and the Definitional Fallacy"
(PHIL 402 / Eric Swanson)

Thomas Scott-Railton (Fall 09)
“Compatibilism and Schizophrenia”
(PHIL 383 / David Manley)

Dylan Vollans (Fall 09)
“Resisting Expressivism”
(PHIL 402 / Craige Roberts, Visiting Professor)

Shai Madjar (Winter 10)
“The Practice of Referring”
(PHIL 409 / Eric Swanson)


Chris Detjen (Fall 07)
"Rawls in the Age of Floods: Ensuring Climate Justice Through Time and Space"
(Phil 442 / Elizabeth Anderson)

Kellen Malstrom (Winter 08)
“Berkeley’s Distinction between Real and Imaginary Things”
(Phil 389 / Louis Loeb)

Joseph Uppal (Fall 06)
"Just Three Simple Concepts: the Noumenon, Transcendental Object, and Thing in Itself in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason"
(Phil 458 / Ian Proops)

Adam Rigoni (Winter 07)
"Nothing From Nothing Leaves Nothing: Russell's Ontological Commitments in the Principles of Mathematics As Elucidated by His Discussion of 'Nothing' "
(Phil 458 / Ian Proops)

Jeffrey J. Fisher (Fall 05)
"Error In the Fourth and Sixth Meditations"
(Phil 463 / Louis Loeb)

Adam Rigoni (Fall 05)
"An Examination of Descartes' View on Infinite Regresses"
(Phil 463 / Louis Loeb)

Victor Szabo (Fall 05)
"Music and Emotional Response"
(Phil 437 / Kendall Walton)

Mark Osmond (Winter 06)
"Humanitarian Intervention as a Moral Duty"
(Phil 402 / Elizabeth Anderson)

Adam Rigoni (Winter 06)
"von Fintel on the King of France"
(Phil 615 / Ian Proops)

Christopher Zbrozek (Winter 06)
"Globalization and Domestic Inequality"
(Phil 402 / Elizabeth Anderson)

Nicolas Bommarito (Fall 03)
"An Evaluation of Dissimulation in Descartes' Meditations"
(Phil 463 / Louis Loeb)

Andrew Hoffman (Fall 03)
"The Scope of the Doubt in the Third Section of Meditations on First Philosophy"
(Phil 463 / Louis Loeb)

David Baker (Fall 02)
"Spacetime Ontology and Einstein’s Cosmological Constant"
(Phil 401 / Jessica Wilson)

David Baker (Winter 03)
"Atomism and the Part-Whole Relation for Kant’s Noumena"
(Phil 458 / Ian Proops)

Seth Yalcin (Fall 01)
"Pretense and Metaphysics"
(Phil 402 / Kendall Walton)

Ryo Kikuchi (Winter 02)
"Personal Identity and the Problem of Continuity of Consciousness"
(Phil 402 / Ian Proops)

Joseph R. Dwaihy (Fall 00)
"Kant's Differing Accounts of freedom in Groundwork III"
(Phil 361 / Stephen Darwall)

Joseph R.Dwaihy (Winter 01)
"Natural Kinds and Necessary Identity"
(Phil 481 / Thomas Hofweber)

Seth Yalcin (Winter 01)
"In Defense of Darwinian Teleofunctional Approaches to Language"
(Phil 402 / Allan Gibbard)

Seth Yalcin (Fall 99)
(No other information available)
Grace Lim (Winter 00)

"King Gyges: Vicious Rascal or Enlightened Knave?"
(Phil 433 / Stephen Darwall)

Matthew L. Jones (Fall 98)
"On the Instrumental and Intrinsic Value of Friends"
(Phil 388 / Stephen Everson)

Leah A. duMouchel (Fall 98)
"Pleasure and Principle: A Response to Julia Annas"
(Phil 388 / Stephen Everson)

Aaron P. Sherman (Winter 99)
"In the Direction of Value-Orientation: A Response to William Alston"
(Phil 480 / Edwin Curley)

Douglas Yatter (Fall 97)
"A Rational Basis: A Critical Evaluation of Kant’s Explanation of the Binding Force of Morality, and a Comparison with Mill’s Argument to the Same End?"
(Phil 361 / Stephen Darwall)

Matthew Buckley (Fall 97)
"Mill and Aristotle: How Much Do They Differ?"
(Phil 361 / Stephen Darwall)

Susan Amrose (Winter 98)
"More Brains in Vats? "
(Phil 383 / James Joyce)

Kyla Ebels
(No other information available)