Katherine Freese

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Katherine Freese

George E. Uhlenbeck Collegiate Professor

Office Location(s): 3476 Randall
Phone: 734.647.4334
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  • Fields of Study
    • Cosmology and Astroparticle Theory
  • About

    Professor Freese works on a wide range of topics in theoretical cosmology and astroparticle physics. She has been working to identify the dark matter and dark energy that permeate the Universe as well as to build a successful model for the early universe immediately after the Big Bang. She is author of a book, The Cosmic Cocktail: Three Parts Dark Matter, published in June 2014 by Princeton University Press.

    Professor Freese has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate (honoris cause) from the University of Stockholm in September 2012. She is a Fellow of the American Physical Society. She was awarded a Simons Foundation Fellowship in Theoretical Physics in 2012.

    Selected Publications

    Dark Stars: A New Study of the First Stars in the Universe, (Katherine Freese, Douglas Spoylar, Peter Bodenheimer, Paolo Gondolo) New Journal of Physics arXiv:0903.0101 (in press)

    High Energy Neutrinos as a Test of Leptophilic Dark Matter, (Douglas Spolyar, Matthew Buckley, Katherine Freese, Dan Hooper, and Hitoshi Murayama), arXiv:0905.4764 (2009)

    The Phanton Bounce: A New Oscillating Cosmology, (Matthew G. Brown, Katherine Freese, and William H. Kinney), JCAP 0803, 002 (2008).

    Cardassian Expansion: A Model in Which the Universe is Flat, Matter Dominated, and Accelerating, (Katherine Freese and Matthew Lewis), Physics Letters (2002).

    Can Geodesics in Extra Dimensions Solve the Cosmological Horizon Problem?, (Dan Chung and Katherine Freese), Phys. Rev. D 62, 063513 (2000).

    Cosmological Challenges in Theories with Extra Dimensions and Remarks on the Horizon Problem, (Dan Chung and Katherine Freese), Physical Review D 61, 2351 (2000).

    Natural Inflation:Particle physics models, power law spectra for a large scale structure, and constraints from COBE, (Fred C. Adams, J. Richard Bond, Katherine Freese, Joshua Frieman, and Angela Olinto), Phys. Rev. D 47, 426455 (1993).

    Natural Inflation with Pseudo-Nambu-Goldstone Bosons, (Katherine Freese, Joshua Frieman, and Angela Olinto), Physical Review Letters 65, 3233 (1990).

    Signal Modulation in Cold Dark Matter, (Katherine Freese, Joshua A. Frieman, and Andrew Gould), Phys. Rev. D 37, 3388 (1988).

    Cosmology with Decaying Vacuum Energy, (Katherine Freese, Fred Adams, Joshua Frieman, and Emil Mottola), Nuclear Physics B 287, 797 (1987).

    Detecting Cold Dark Matter Candidates, (Andrzej Drukier, Katherine Freese, and David Spergel), Physical Review D 33, 3495 (1986).

  • Education
    • Princeton University B.A.
    • Columbia University M.A.
    • University of Chicago Ph.D.