Dragan Huterer

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Dragan Huterer

Associate Professor

Office Location(s): 3247 Randall
Phone: 734.615.3289

  • Fields of Study
    • Cosmology Theory
  • About

    Professor Huterer's principal interest is in understanding the nature and origin of "dark energy", a mysterious component that dominates the dynamics of the universe and causes its expansion to be accelerated. The physical mechanism behind dark energy is one of the great unsolved mysteries of modern physics and astronomy. Professor Huterer uses cosmological probes to study the effects of dark energy on the structure in the universe, which in turn inform our fundamental understanding of what powers the accelerated expansion. These probes include measurements of distances to type Ia supernovae, mapping the growth and evolution of the large-scale structure in the universe, and gravitational lensing.

    Professor Huterer is also actively involved in studying the isotropy of the universe and the distribution of primordial inhomogeneities that seeded structures observed on the sky today. In 2008, he and his collaborators discovered a novel signature of primordial nongaussianity (departures from nongaussianity in the initial distribution of matter in the universe) in the distribution of galaxies today. This finding energized research in the field of tests for primordial physics, as it enabled many times more precise measurements of the early universe physics with galaxies than previously thought possible. Finally, since 2003 Huterer has been involved in studying the structure of the universe on the largest spatial scales using a combination of cosmic microwave background maps and those of the galaxy distribution in the universe.

    Selected Publications

    Banana Split: Testing the Dark Energy Consistency with Geometry and Growth, (E.J. Ruiz and D. Huterer), Phys. Rev. D 91, 063009 (2015).

    Chasing the Phantom: A Closer Look at Type Ia Supernovae and the Dark Energy
    Equation of State, (D.L. Shafer and D. Huterer), Phys. Rev. D 89, 063510 (2014).

    Calibration Errors Unleashed: Effects on Cosmological Parameters and Requirements for Large-Scale Structure Surveys, (D. Huterer, C. Cunha and W. Fang), MNRAS 432, 2945 (2013).

    First Constraints on the Running of non-Gaussianty, (A. Becker and D. Huterer), Phys. Rev. Lett. 109, 121302 (2012).

    Dipoles in the Sky, (C. Gibelyou and D. Huterer), MNRAS 427, 1994 (2012).

    Large-Angle Anomalies in the CMB, (C.J. Copi, D. Huterer, D. Schwarz and G.D. Starkman), Adv. Astro, 847541 (2010).

    Falsifying Paradigms for Cosmic Acceleratio, (M. Mortonson, W. Hu and D. Huterer), Phys. Rev. D 79, 023004 (2009).

    The Imprints of Primordial Non-Gaussianities on Large-Scale Structure: Scale Dependent Bias and Abundance of Virialized Objects, (N. Dall, O. DorĂ©, D. Huterer and A. Shirokov), Phys. Rev. D 77, 123514 (2008).

  • Education
    • Massachusetts Institute of Technology B.S. 1996
    • University of Chicago Ph.D. 2001.