Jennifer Ogilvie

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Jennifer Ogilvie

Associate Professor of
Physics, Biophysics, and Macromolecular Science and Engineering

Office Location(s): 4223 Randall
Lab: 4440 Randall (647.1191) SB217 Randall (763.3412)
Phone: 734.615.0485
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  • Fields of Study
    • Experimental Biophysics
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    Professor Ogilvie studies the dynamics of biological systems over a diverse range of time and length-scales using the combined tools of nonlinear spectroscopy and microscopy. At the nanometer scale, her group uses ultrafast nonlinear spectroscopy to explore the role of protein dynamics in evolution’s search for protein structures that meet the challenges of biological function. These methods complement existing X-ray and NMR techniques by accessing a new time window that encompasses the fastest processes in biology, such as energy transfer. Her group also employs single molecule spectroscopy to uncover dynamics hidden in ensemble measurements and to address the more complex domain of protein-protein interactions. On yet a larger length-scale, the group is developing novel microscopies that, without the need for artificial labels, exploit molecular contrast to elucidate the role of proteins in orchestrating cellular processes.

    Selected Publications

    Chemical Imaging with Fourier Transform CARS Microscopy, (M. Cui, J. Skodack, J.P. Ogilvie),Applied Optics 47, 31, 5790-5798 (2008).

    Two-Color Two-Dimensional Fourier Transform Electronic Spectroscopy with a Pulse-Shaper, (J.A. Myers, K.L.M. Lewis, P.F. Tekavec, J.P. Ogilvie), Optics Express 16, 22, 17420-17428 (2008).

    Time-Delayed Coherent Raman Spectroscopy, (J.P. Ogilvie, M. Cui, D. Pestov, A. Sokolov, M.O. Scully), Molecular Physics 106, 2, 587-594 (2008).

    Interferometric Fourier Transform Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Spectroscopy, (M. Cui, M. Joffre, J. Skodack, J.P. Ogilvie), Optics Express 14, 18, 8448-8458 (2006).

    Fourier Transform Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microscopy, (J.P. Ogilvie, E. Beaurepaire, A. Alexandrou, M. Joffre), Optics Letters 31, 4, 480-482 (2006).

    Use of Coherent Control for Selective Two-Photon Fluorescence Microscopy in Live Organisms, (J.P. Ogilvie, D. Debarre, X. Solinas, J.L. Martin, E. Beaurepaire, M. Joffre), Optics Express 14, 2,759-766 (2006).

    Fourier Transform Measurement of Two-Photon Excitation Spectra: Applications to Microscopy and Optimal Control, (J.P. Ogilvie, K. Kubarych, A. Alexandrou, M. Joffre), Optics Letters 30, 911-913 (2005).

    CO Vibration as a Probe of Ligand Dissociation and Transfer in Myoglobin, (T. Polack, J.P. Ogilvie, S. Franzen, M. Vos, M. Joffre, J.L. Martin, A. Alexandrou), Physical Review Letters 93, 018102 (2004).

    Two-Dimensional Spectroscopy Using Diffractive Optics Based Phase-Locked Photon Echoes, (M. Cowan, J.P. Ogilvie, R.J.D. Miller), Chemical Physics Letters 36, 184-189 (2004).

    Observation of the Cascaded Atomic to Global Length Scales Driving Protein Motion, (M. Armstrong, J.P. Ogilvie, M. Cowan, A. Nagy and R.J.D. Miller), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 100, 4990-4994 (2003).

    The Dynamics of Ligand Escape in MbCO: Q-Band Transient Absorption and Four-Wave Mixing Studies, (J.P. Ogilvie, M. Plazanet, G. Dadusc and R.J.D. Miller), Journal of Physical Chemistry B 106, 10460-10467 (2002).

    Diffractive Optics-Based Heterodyne Detected Four-Wave Mixing Signals of Protein Motion: From “Proteinquakes” to Ligand Escape in Myoglobin, (G. Dadusc, J. Ogilvie, P. Schulenberg, U. Marvet, R.J.D. Miller), Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA 98, 6116-6120 (2001).

  • Education
    • University of Waterloo, B.S. 1994
    • Simon Fraser University, Canada, M.S. 1996
    • University of Toronto, Canada, Ph.D. 2003.
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