Qiong Yang

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Qiong Yang

Assistant Professor

Office Location(s): 3301 Chemistry
Phone: 734.764.4669

  • About

    Professor Yang and her research team are affiliated with the departments of Biophysics, Physics, and Applied Physics. They form an interdisciplinary program and combine mathematical modeling (nonlinear dynamics theory and stochastic simulations), super-resolution imaging, and microfluidic techniques to study self-organization phenomena in living systems. Currently, the team's focus is on biological clocks. Please visit their website for further information.

    Selected Publications

    The Cdkl-APC/C Cell Cycle Oscillator Circuit Functions as a Time Delayed, Ultra Sensitive Switch, Nature Cell Biology (2013).

    Modeling the Cell Cycle: Why Do Certain Circuits Oscillate?, Cell (2011).

    Elevated ATPase Activity of KaiC Applies a Circadian Checkpoint on Cell Division in Synechococcus Elongatus, Cell (2010).

    Circadian Gating of the Cell Cycle Revealed in Single Cyanobacterial Cells, Science (2010).

    Heritable Stochastic Switching Revealed by Single-Cell Genealogy, PLoS Biol (2007).