Tobias Eckhause

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Tobias Eckhause

Lecturer II

Office Location(s): 1484A Randall
Phone: 734.763.4340

  • About

    Dr. Eckhause first joined the department in 2001 as a research fellow measuring the vibrational and optical response of specially designed two-dimensional quantum structures. His other research interests have included induced superconductivity in semiconductors, and the far-infrared response of superconductor-semiconductor structures. His current work aims to improve the validation of delivery of ionizing radiation in medical linear accelerators. Since 2004 he has taught introductory physics courses where he focuses on encouraging peer instruction and developing exciting and relevant curricula.

    Selected Publications

    Automating Linear Accelerator Quality Assurance for Delivery and Analysis,  (T. Eckhause, H. Al-Hallaq, T. Ritter, J. DeMarco, K. Farrey, G. Kim, R Popple, V. Sharma, M. Perez, S. Park, J. Booth, R. Thorwarth, J. Moran), 56th Annual Meeting of the American Association of Physicists in Medicine (2013).

    Ultrafast Optical Generation and Remote Detection of Terahertz Sound Using Semiconductor Superlattices, (M. Trigo, T. A. Eckhause, J. K. Wahlstrand, R. Merlin, M. Reason, R. S. Goldman), Applied Physics Letters 91, 2007, 23115 (2007).

    Observation of Surface-Avoiding Waves: A New Class of Extended States in Periodic Media, 
    (M. Trigo, T. A. Eckhause, R. Merlin, R.S. Goldman, M. Reason), Physical Review Letters 97, 124301 (2006).

    Electric Field Induced Heating and Energy Relaxation in GaN, (T. A. Eckhause, O. Suzer, C. Kurdak, F. Yun, and H. Morkoc), Applied Physics Letters 82, 3035 (2003).

    Density-Dependent Critical Currents in Quantum-Well-Coupled Weak Links, (T. A. Eckhause, 
    K. Lehnert, J. S. Correa, R. J. Jorstad, E. G. Gwinn, and M. Thomas), Applied Physics Letters 81, 3203 (2002)

  • Education
    • Cornell University, B.A. Physics 1994
    • University of California, Santa Barbara, Ph.D. Physics 2001