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Community Television Network (CTN)

Past Saturday Morning Physics talks are now telecast on the city of Ann Arbor Community Television Network (CTN), EduTV channel 18.

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CTN Broadcast Schedule from September 7 - January 4, 2014

CTN Broadcast Date Lecture Title Presenters Original Episode Date
Week of Sept. 7 Predicting the Maelstrom:
The Physics of the Ocean
Brian Arbic November 19, 2011
Week of September 14 Science of a Trillion Transistors Divakar Viswanath December 3, 2011
Week of September 21 Einstein as a Cultural Figure Philip Glass,
Sean Carroll, Michael Turner and Fred Adams
January 21, 2012
Week of September 28 Crystals Made of Light Rachel Sapiro January 28, 2012
Week of October 5   From Negative Refraction to Wireless Power Transfer Roberto Merlin February 4, 2012
Week of October 12 Quantum Field Theory: The Language of Particle Physics  Henriette Elvang February 18, 2012
Week of October 26 The Shape of Our Universe: The Complexity of Large-Scale Structure and Large-Scale Science Brian Nord, Jr March 10, 2012
Week of November 2  Cosmic Engines: The Complex Evolution of Galaxies Brian Nord, Jr March 17, 2012
Week of
November 9
 String Symphonies in the Sky: Understanding Black Holes Using String Theory  Finn Larsen March 24, 2012
Week of
November 16
The New Particle Discovery at LHC with the ATLAS Experiment Bing Zhou October 6, 2012
November 23 The Physics Behind the Music James Liu October 13, 2012
Week of
November 30
How Flexible Bodies Move and Interact in Fluids Silas Alben October 20, 2012
Week of
December 7
Solar Powering Your House or Saving the World One Electron
at a Time
Stephen Forrest October 27, 2012
Week of
December 14
Volcanoes and Precious
Metal Deposits
Adam Simon November 3, 2012
Week of
December 21
The Sun as a Star Alicia Aarnio November 10, 2012
Week of
December 28
 Gravitational Lensing: Nature‚Äôs Largest Telescopes Keren Sharon December 1, 2012
Week of
January 4
 Cosmic Rhapsody: From the Echo of the Big Bang to the Orchestration of the Universe Heidi Wu December 8, 2012

**If anyone would like to request replays they may do so by calling CTN directly at 734.794.6150.**