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CTN Broadcast Schedule from Week of June 28 - Week of January 3, 2016

CTN Broadcast Date Lecture Title Presenters Original Episode Date
Week of
June 28
Epidemics, Kevin Bacon and the Internet: The Physics of Networks Mark Newman October 12, 2013
Week of
July 5
What It Takes to Find the Elusive Sub-Nuclear Giant! J. Wehrley Chapman October 26, 2013
Week of
July 12
Weighty Thoughts on the Origin
of Mass
James Wells November 2, 2013
Week of
July 19
Making the Chicken From the Egg: A Physicist's View of Animal Development David Lubensky November 9, 2013
Week of
July 26
Mapping the Beginning of the Universe Jeffrey McMahon November 16, 2013
Week of
August 2
Seeing the Unseeable: Black Holes
and Revelations
Ruben Reis November 23, 2103
Week of
August 9
Splash Gordon: The Origin of
Water On Earth
Ruud Visser December 7, 2013
Week of August 16 Powering Cosmic Processes
By Starlight
Sally Oey February 8, 2014
Week of August 23 Where the Solar Wind Blows Susan Lepri February 15, 2014
Week of August 30 Cell Membranes: Using Physics
to Function
Sarah Veatch March 15, 2014
Week of September 6 The Origin of Life: Chemistry as the Driver of Our Evolution Nils Walter March 22, 2014
Week of September 13 Particles and the Nature of All Things David Kaplan March 29, 2014
Week of September 20 Results From Randall Lab: Graduate Students Share Their Research Benjamin Lawson, Timothy Olson, Jenna Walrath April 5, 2014
Week of September 27 A Viking Navigational Aid:
Polarized Light
Vasudevan Lakshminarayanan April 12, 2014
Week of
October 4
Dynamic Locomotion in Humans, Animals and Robots C. David Remy October 11, 2014
Week of
October 11
The Physics of Baseball Timothy Chupp October 18, 2014
Week of
October 18
Measuring Your Technique to
Improve Your Game
Noel Perkins October 25, 2014
Week of
October 25
Exploring the Solar System Beyond Neptune: Icy New Worlds From
the Dark Energy Survey
David Gerdes November 15, 2014
Week of November 1 Peering Into the Atmospheres of Strange New Worlds Emily Rauscher December 6, 2014
Week of November 8 The Mechanics of Running Daniel Ferris December 13, 2014
Week of November 15 Accretion Power in Astrophysics: Gravity Goes to Work Jon Miller February 7, 2015
Week of November 22 Surfing the Universe Lydia Bieri February 14, 2015
Week of November 29 Hail to the Data: What We're Learning From Learning Analytics Timothy McKay February 21, 2015
Week of December 6 Model Thinking: One to Many
and Many to One
Scott Page March 14, 2015
Week of December 13 Living Large: The Paleobiology Diplodocus and Other
Long-Necked Dinosaurs
Jeffrey A. Wilson March 21, 2015
Week of December 20 The Secret Lives of Fluids David Goliskin March 28, 2015
Week of December 27 Electrons and Topology in Solids Lu Li April 11, 2015
Week of
January 3
Dark Energy, Alchemy and Quantum Teleportation: Science Fiction or
Ph.D. Research
James Antonaglia,
Adam Katcher,
Jessica Muir
April 18, 2015

**If anyone would like to request replays they may do so by calling CTN directly at 734.794.6150.**