Governance and Policies

Executive Committee
The Physics Department Executive Committee consists of:

Professor Dragan Huterer (January 2013-December 2014)
Professor Duncan Steel (January 2013-December 2014)
Professor Greg Tarle (January 2014-December 2015)
Professor James Wells (January 2014-December 2015)
Professor Robert Savit (ex officio)
Professor Finn Larsen (ex officio)
Professor Keith Riles (ex officio)
Professor Brad Orr (ex officio)

The Executive Committee meets once each week.

Associate Chairs

  • Associate Chair of the Undergraduate Program is Professor Robert Savit
  • Associate Chair of the Graduate Program is Professor Finn Larsen 
  • Associate Chair of Research and Facilities is Professor Keith Riles

Department Policies (SharePoint)

Physics Department Organizational Chart