Global Change Minor

The courses are mostly aimed at first and second year students who want to understand the historical and modern aspects of Global Change. Many of these courses include hands-on sections and carry NS and SS distribution credit.  A minor in global change can be completed in the first few years of study, with the two Global Change Courses at its core (Global Change I and II).  Students learn further through the completion of one 200-level class and two electives from campus-wide courses in bio-, geo- or sociosphere.

Minor in Global Change at U of MRequirements of the Global Change minor

1. Environ 110 Global Change 1: Physical Processes (4cr; NS)
2. Environ 111 Global Change 2: Human Impacts (4cr; SS)
3. One course from the following list:

     ANTHRCUL/ENVIRON 256 - Culture, Adaptation and the Environment
     BIOLOGY/ENVIRON 281 - General Ecology
     ENVIRON 270 - Our Common Future
     GEOSCI/ENVIRON 284 - Geology, Environment and Society
Or: Other 300-level course with permission of PitE Concentration Advisor

4. Global Change Electives (Select 2 electives from 2 of the 3 categories Biosphere, Geosphere, Sociosphere)


EEB 320, 381, 390, 436, 451, 455, 476, 481, 483, 498
ENVIRON 311, 381,  451, 453, 476
NRE 436, 451, 453, 476
Other 300-level course with permission of PitE Concentration Advisor


AOSS 300, 304, 335, 432, 467, 475
CHEM 467
ENVIRON 325, 341, 380, 442, , 479
ENSCEN 304, 467, 475
GEOSCI 325, 341, 380, 442, 446, 465, 475, 477, 478
Other 300-level course with permission of PitE Concentration Advisor


ARCH 423
ECON 471, 472
ENVIRON 312, 360, 361, 370, 391
NRE 571, 583
PSYCH 384, 385
SOC 305, 330
UP 423, 532 
Other 300-level course with permission of PitE Concentration Advisor

The course lists above are not complete and only shows the types of classes that meet the Global Change minor goals.  Contact the PitE Concentration Advisor with your course suggestions by sending an email (to that includes the course descriptions and/or links to the classes' websites.  At any time you should feel free to arrange a meeting to discuss the Global Change minor and its requirements. 

Courses being used for the minor CAN NOT be taken on a "pass/fail" basis. AP credit cannot be used towards any of the minor requirements. Note that you must receive U-M credit for courses toward the minor.Only one course used in the minor can overlap (or be "double counted") with concentration requirements.

Global Change Minor Worksheet (PDF)

Use this worksheet to track your progress with the Global Change Minor requirements.

Ready to Declare?

Students can declare a minor in global change by attending a general information session. Reserve your spot today at the next session by using our online scheduling system