Field Experience

Scholarships are now available for PitE students completing Spring, Summer, or Fall 2014 practical experience. The application deadline is March 11, 2014 (5pm).


Who is Eligible?

Students must meet each of the following requirements:

  • Be a declared PitE major or declared PitE, Global Change or Sustainability minor. 
  • Be in good academic standing at U-M and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0
  • Practical experience must be pre-approved* by PitE advisors
  • Must agree to the terms of acceptance as stipulated in the award notice
  • Have NOT previously completed an approved practical experience (e.g. UMBS, Environ 398)
  • Have never received a practical experience scholarship

What expenses can these scholarships cover?

  • Tuition and/or Program Fees (for both UM and non UM programs)
  • Travel (e.g. airfare, ground transportation)
  • Cost of living (e.g. rent, food, etc. in the case of an internship)

Available ScholarshipsA description of scholarships, which are made possible by donors of PitE

These scholarships made possible by the generous gifts of donors and friends of PitE. Scholarships are merit based, unless otherwise noted.

Abrams Endowed Scholarship
Through the generosity of private donors James and Wendy Abrams, scholarships are available in perpetuity for PitE students completing their Field Experience.   Any PitE student is eligible. Scholars will agree to meet with Mr. and Mrs. Abrams during their annual visit to campus.

Abrams INTERNSHIP Development Fund
Through the generosity of private donors James and Wendy Abrams, scholarships are available for PitE students completing an unpaid internship to meet their Field Experience requirement. Any PitE student is eligible. Scholars will agree to meet with Mr. and Mrs. Abrams during their annual visit to campus

Barry G. Rabe Fund Scholarship
This award recognizes the Program in the Environment’s first permanent director.  It is endowed with donations from PitE alumni, faculty associates, and staff.  This award supports students completing an environmental policy internship or field program such as the Michigan in Washington semester.  Eligibility: Participation in a field experience with an emphasis on environmental policy.

Field Experience Support Endowment
Anonymous donors established this endowment to assist PitE students with field experience expenses. Eligibility: Any PitE student is eligible for this scholarship.

Environmental Experience Scholarship Fund (Need Based)
Need-based scholarships established by an anonymous donor. Eligibility: Student must demonstrate financial need as determined by the University’s Office of Financial Aid.

Goldring Family Foundation Field/International Experience Award
This scholarship is funded through an endowed gift from the Goldring Family Foundation.  It goes toward expenses of an LSA student in Program in the Environment who completing his/her practical experience away from Ann Arbor. Eligibility:  Completing field experience requirement away from the university.

Robert M. Owen Scholarship Fund
This scholarship fund was established in 2010 to recognize Robert Owen’s contributions to the university. Robert Owen was PitE’s third director and is a professor of earth and environmental sciences sciences, who for many years, taught at Camp Davis, the university’s Rocky Mountain Field Station. This scholarship supports students taking a science course at Camp Davis. Eligibility: Must be completing a science course at Camp Davis.

How to ApplyClick here to get started

To apply for a scholarship, students must complete the online application form (via Qualtrics) form below by filling in responses and uploading documents. The online application consists of the following sections:

  • Provide description of practical experience
  • Budget template (outline your costs and current funding)
  • 1-page resume
  • Essays
  • Financial Aid Notice for 2013-14 (only required for need-based scholarships)

Students must upload their financial aid notice (as applicable), budget template, and resume, through the online application form (powered by Qualtrics). Do not e-mail to submit paper applications. 

CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE APPLICATION FORM (you'll be directed to a Qualtrics form) 

Application Deadline:  Tuesday, March 11th, 2014 (5:00 pm)

Award StipulationsStudents must consent to the following terms

  • Agree to have name, year and any information from personal statement shared with award donors
  • Agree to acknowledge any awards received with a written thank you to the donor and a copy to PitE
  • Understand that receiving the scholarship and meeting PitE’s practical experience requirement is contingent upon satisfactorily completing the practical experience, and that any changes to the selected practical experience need to be communicated to the PitE Program Coordinator and/or Concentration Advisor.  Incomplete practical experiences, barring extreme circumstances, require a return of scholarship funding.
  • It is the student responsibility to make sure that their direct deposit information and/or the mailing address on file with UM is accurate and up to date. Incorrect information will delay the disbursement of the scholarship funds.

Receiving ScholarshipsHow do students receive the scholarships?

Write a thank-you letter

All Practical Experience scholarships are made possible by the generosity of donors and friends of PitE. These donors appreciate hearing from PitE students who receive these scholarships. Students must send a thank you letter or note directly to the donor, and share a copy of this letter to PitE. Scholarships are not processed until PitE receives a copy of the student’s thank you letter to the donor.  

Students must follow up with the scholarship benefactor after completing their practical experience by sending a letter, outlining their experience and gratitude for the scholarship.

Scholarship Disbursement

Upon receipt of the thank you letter, scholarships are awarded (or disbursed) to students by direct deposit into the student's: 

  1. UM Student Account (to cover U-M tuition/fees)
  2. Bank account (for non-U-M fees or expenses) Direct deposit through U-M is required. Otherwise a check is mailed to the address on file in Wolverine Access

Disbursement can take up to 2 weeks to process. 

*Pre-approved Practical ExperiencesScholarships are only available for approved practical experiences

Classes from the following UM field stations are already approved to meet PitE’s Practical Experience requirement and are eligible for practical experience scholarships:

  • University of Michigan Biological Station (UMBS)
  • Camp Davis
  • New England Literature Program  (NELP)
  • Semester in Detroit
  • Michigan in Washington (MIW)

Students are welcome and encouraged to find the practical experience that meets their needs. If students are interested in participating in a practical experience not on this list, however, they MUST make an appointment to see a PitE advisor to get the practical experience approved before leaving campus. This is especially true for study abroad programs and internships. Students must enroll in Environ 398 to have an internship to meet the practical experience requirement. 

Click here to download the budget template (Word document)