Individual Students

Individual Academic Enrichment Funding

The Program in the Environment has funds available to declared PitE students who require funds to complete an experience that will enhance their PitE education. This includes funding for honors thesis research, internships (not for credit), or independent research.

Award Criteria: The decision to award funds will be based on the following criteria:

  1. How well this experience relates to and enhances your PitE education and relates to your academic interests
  2. Cumulative GPA and class standing
  3. Involvement in extra-curricular activities or campus clubs.

Individual academic enrichment funding can be used towards the following expenses:

  • Travel (gas money)
  • Housing or Lodging
  • Food
  • Facilities or Equipment rental costs

This funding cannot be used towards:

  • U-M Tuition
  • Field experience costs

*While PitE is able to provide funding for academic enrichment, PitE must also take into account requests from a growing student body. Individual Academic Enrichment funding can only be awarded one time to a student. Funding is not available year to year for the same student, even if for different academic purposes.


Monthly Application Deadlines for Individual Academic Enrichment & Student Group Funding
   Oct.  Nov. Not Accepting
Applications in December
 Jan.  Feb.  March  April  May  June
Applications Due  5th  2nd  4th  1st  1st  5th  3rd  7th
 12th  9th  11th  11th  8th  12th  10th  14th
 29th  21th  28th  25th  25th  29th  24th  July 1st


Individual Academic Enrichment Funding Application (Word Doc)