Scholarships & Essay Writing Workshop


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  • Host Department: Program in the Environment
  • Date: 02/19/2013
  • Time: 05:10 PM

  • Location: 1028 Dana

  • Description:

    Students! Are you...

    • Seeking scholarships and grants for your practical experience this summer or even next year?
    • Applying for graduate school?
    • Baffled as to why you need a cover letter for job applications?
    • Struggling with writer's block when asked to describe your education in personal statements and applications?
    • having a hard time describing your PitE skill set to friends?

    You should attend the PitE Scholarship Essay Writing Workshop, where students learn how to write strong essays and applications for funding, employment opportunities, and graduate school personal statements. Discover the Michigan Difference and learn how to stand out among the many other applicants. 

    This information session, students will learn: 

    1. How and when to apply for scholarships  (for this winter term and next year)
    2. What scholarships are available and eligibility criteria for each
    3. What reviewers look for in strong applications, and how students can submit an even stronger application. 
    4. How to craft your PitE education so it makes sense to people outside of PitE

    Come to this session to learn more about each of the following PitE scholarship and funding opportunities:

    1. Practical Experience scholarships for field stations (e.g. Camp Davis, Biostation, etc.), study abroad, or internships
    2. Wallenberg Scholarship
    3. Outstanding Student Service Award

    For more information about scholarships, please visit our Scholarships and Grants page.

    More information:

    Do you struggle with describing your PitE skill set to friends? Do you experience writer's block when asked to describe your education in personal statements and applications? You're not alone!  This workshop was created to help PitE students define their interdisciplinary education to employers and graduate schools! 

    This workshop is designed specifically for juniors and seniors who are applying for full-time employment, graduate school, the Peace Corps, and/or internships. However any student who hopes to apply for a scholarship, grant, or even study abroad will find this workshop useful, as you will need to write a strong personal statement. 

    In this work, students will not only learn about the key points of a successful essay, application, or personal statement, but also have the opportunity to receive feedback from PitE advisors staff.

    All students are welcome to attend.