Welcome to the Arctic: A Multimedia Show Featuring the Arctic and its Wildlife


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  • Speaker: Florian Schulz
  • Host Department: Program in the Environment
  • Date: 02/07/2013
  • Time: 05:10 PM

  • Location: Dana Building, Room 1040 (440 Church Street), Ann Arbor MI 48109-1041 This event is free and open to the public. Reception to Follow

  • Florian Schulz
  • Description:

    In his suspenseful multimedia presentation, "To The Arctic", National Geographic Photographer Florian Schulz takes the audience to the earth’s most northern ecosystem – the Arctic. With powerful images and video, he brings alive what many see as a frozen wasteland. His images show the contrary: a land where polar bear mothers raise their cubs, myriads of birds come to nest, and caribou fill the tundra all the way to the horizon.

    To acquire his stunning collection of images, Florian spent 18 months in the Arctic on multiple expeditions. He traveled with Inuit hunters and their sled-dogs, dove beneath icebergs, and camped on the frozen ocean in polar bear country. Over the years, Florian has experienced unforgettable moments that are the bases for his accounts. He speaks from the heart. His stories are authentic. His images are featured in the Warner Brothers IMAX film “To the Arctic”, and in a companion book of the same name.  

    Join us for a wonderful evening with a compelling multimedia show featuring spectacular photography of the arctic and its wildlife, followed by an audience question and answer session and a reception. Come eye to eye with polar bears and hear how Florian survived in this place of extremes. This is not your normal power point presentation. Together, Florian’s passionate accounts and dramatic images, tell the story of an Arctic that is facing very real threats – a place that through the great state of Alaska is a part of America’s legacy. We can help to protect it.

     Click here to learn more about Florian and his work in the Arctic

    Welcome To The Arctic from Florian Schulz on Vimeo.

    This event is hosted by the Program in the Environment and co-sponsored by the School of Natural Resources and Environment and the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

    More about Florian

    Born in Germany, Florian Schulz (33) is a professional nature and wildlife photographer with a strong conservation vision. In constant search for breathtaking images, Florian hopes to inspire individuals to take action in the protection of endangered ecosystems and wilderness areas.

    As the youngest founding member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP), Florian Schulz uses his photography to instill in viewers a greater interest and understanding of the importance of interconnected environments to maintain healthy ecosystems. His work has been published in multiple articles by recognized magazines and has won numerous international awards.