Photography Workshops with Florian Schulz


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  • Speaker: Florian Schulz
  • Host Department: Program in the Environment
  • Date: 02/08/2013
  • Time: 00:00 AM

  • Location: AM Session: 10am-12pm in 110 Dennison
    PM Session: 2-4pm in 4152 Undergraduate Science Bldg (USB)

  • Florian Schulz
  • Description:

    Workshop format: In this workshop, Florian will guide students through developing a conservation campaign using photography. Florian will outline this campaign creation process, and then invite students to participate in this creation process. Students will drive the process by contributing ideas of images, words, and messages needed to convey the message of conservation. Bonus: If you would like some feedback from Florian about your own photography project or campaign, feel free to bring images. Time permitting, Florian will give you feedback to the group.

     Sneak Preview: Anyone interested in Florian's work is encouraged to attend Florian's Arctic public presentation this Thursday, Feb. 7

    Who should attend this workshop: Any student who wants to effectively communicate the need for environmental behavior change, including those interested in environmental policy, education, behavior change, communication/marketing, journalism, conservation ecology/biology, business, or community outreach. Interest in photography is preferred, but no experience or equipment is required. Click here to learn more about the other 3 media workshops: filmmaking, storytelling, and journalism.

    Click here to register for either the morning or afternoon workshops with Florian 

    Registration Deadline: Feb. 5

    More Reasons Why You Should Attend This Workshop:

    Imagine your typical workday consists of tracking polar bears on the frozen Arctic Ocean, or maybe sailing the Gulf of California in search of the greatest living thing our earth has ever seen – the blue whale – or scouting Alaska’s frontier with a bush plane.  Or perhaps you’re ideal workday is in your office downtown in New York City, London or even Munich? Or in all of the above?  For nature photographer Florian Schulz, all of the above is part of his reality as a freelance photo journalist and conservation photographer.

    He works on long term photography project that take him to some of the most remote corner of the planet, shooting stories for magazines like National Geographic, German GEO and BBC Wildlife. His specialty is long-term conservation photography projects on endangered ecosystems, where his body of photographic work are the bases on entire conservation campaigns. Through photography exhibits, books, magazine stories, and live multimedia presentations, he gets his conservation message to the general public using his favorite medium: photography.  

    Take the opportunity to participate in this 2 hour seminar where Florian Schulz shares his experience of creating powerful projects such as the “Freedom to Roam – Wildlife Corridor Project”, which is now being developed into one of WWFs major conservation campaigns.  Florian will combine informational segments and stories from the field that give insight into photographic challenges of working in remote locations.  

    Visit Florian's website to learn more about his work.