Storytelling Workshops with Brian Short


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  • Host Department: Program in the Environment
  • Date: 02/08/2013
  • Time: 00:00 PM

  • Location:
    AM Session: Room 2238 East Hall from 10am-12pm
    PM Session: Room 3163 USB from 2-4pm

  • Brian Short
  • Description:

    Workshop format: The goal of this workshop is for students to each create and deliver a story in order to convey a message and challenge people’s understanding or perception of a topic. Brian will illustrate techniques needed to create and deliver an effective story, and  work with students one on one to create their own 1-3 minute story. This workshop is not just a “storyteller" seminar, but an interactive, immersion experience that creates a context for students to use media and art to practice communicating environmental issues and its solutions to people outside of the academic setting. 

    When are workshops available?
    Students can attend either the morning or afternoon session. Registration is required to attend this workshop (see bottom of page). This is part of the PitE Environmental Media Workshops. 

    Who can attend this workshop? Any student who wants to effectively communicate the need for environmental behavior change and change people's perceptions. Applies to students interested in environmental policy, education, behavior change, planning, communication/marketing, business, or community outreach. All UM students are eligible to register for this and all other workshops. Kerberos login required. 

    Why should students attend this workshop (what skills are learned)?
    1. Learn how to evoke a desired emotion or response from the audience
    2. Practice incorporating literary devices into a story
    3. Create a story outline
    4. Develop understanding of elements that make an effective story and what you need to change people's perceptions

    CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR A WORKSHOP. Registration closes Tuesday, February 5th. The morning and afternoon sessions are each limited to 15 students, so register today. 

    More About Brian
    Brian Short is an award-winning fiction writer. He lives in Ann Arbor, where he works as a teacher, book reviewer, and audio producer. He has been teaching writing classes for over ten years, including courses at the University of Michigan, the Interlochen Summer Arts Program, and as part of the JET Program. He produces the Ann Arbor Moth StorySLAM and was a featured speaker at this fall's Ignite Ann Arbor (click to view Brian's performance). Follow him on twitter @andessurvivor.  Click here for more information about the Ann Arbor Moth StorySLAM