PitE Hosts Environmental Challenge

By Kimberly Smith
Jan 31, 2014 Bookmark and Share

In January, PitE re-launched the Abrams Environmental Action Challege, which awards $1,000 to a student or student group that submits the best proposal for creating environmental change on campus. 

Students can visit the Abrams Action Challenge section of the PitE website to learn more and apply for the challenge. Completed applications (and questions) must be emailed to environment.program@umich.edu by the 5pm deadline on Thursday, February 27th. 

This challenge is named after Wendy Abrams, an environmental advocate behind the “Cool Globes” Initiative and public art display which promotes awareness of climate change. Mrs. Abrams gave a presentation to PitE students in 2011, and was so inspired by the students' passion for seeking environmental change, that she and her husband Jim partnered with PitE to establish this contest to encourage students to create change on campus. 

Two student groups were named as winners of the 2012 Abrams Environmental Action Challenge: the LSA Student Government "Taking Responsibility for the Earth and Environment Subcommittee" (TREES) and "Kill-A-Watt", a U-M student group that involves students in energy and sustainability issues while reducing energy use on campus. Members of Kill-A-Watt are pictured above.