Info for Current GSIs


The Program in the Environment provides a mandatory one and a half-hour orientation session at the beginning of the term for all GSIs, regardless of whether or not they have taught in previous terms. This workshop covers a variety of topics relevant to your teaching appointment. New GSIs will be required to attend additional training sessions including the CRLT New GSI Orientation held before classes begin.

CRLT New GSI Orientation
This session is typically offered in August and January, and is posted on the PitE GSI Information page. Otherwise please contact the PitE Executive Secretary for dates.

PitE / SNRE GSI Orientation
This session is typically offered on the first day of classes. 

CPR and First Aid Training
GSIs who will be teaching a lab or accompanying students on field trips must be trained in CPR and First Aid. Those who need to complete this training will be notified in their offer letter.

CRLT Guidebook for UM GSIs
One of CRLT's most popular publications, "A Guidebook for University of Michigan Graduate Student Instructors" is available to all GSIs. It is a useful publication that contains information and articles designed to assist GSIs in fashioning a successful teaching experience at UM. In addition to sections on preparing to teach, creating an environment of active learning, and improving teaching through feedback, it contains an exhaustive list of UM resources and information on UM policies (e.g., cheating and plagiarism, code of academic conduct, gender and respect in the UM community). If you would like to obtain a copy, please contact:
CRLT (Center for Research on Learning and Teaching)
1071 Palmer Commons
100 Washtenaw Ave.
Ann Arbor, MI 48109-2218
Phone: 734.764.0505


Graduate Student Instructors (GSIs) are paid on the last working day of each month. Whenever a payday falls on an official University holiday or on a weekend, payment will be made on the last working day preceding such an occurrence.


Group Health, Life, and Dental Insurance
For details see the University Benefits office website at

More comprehensive information concerning insurance benefits is available by contacting the Office of Staff Benefits (615-2000); e-mail:, or their website: Inquiries concerning specific coverage, cost, terms, limitations, etc. should be directed to that office.

Tuition Waiver
GSIs with a 23.7% or greater appointment fraction throughout an entire term receive a full tuition waiver for that term if they register for, and maintain, a minimum of six credits for the entire term. NOTE: Audit or Visit credits do not count. The tuition grant is typically credited to your student account during the month prior to the beginning of the term (August for Fall and December for Winter). The tuition grant does not pay for other fees, such as registration or lab fees, assessed during the term of appointment.  GSIs with lesser appointments receive prorated tuition waivers.

Sick Time
Eligibility: GSIs may be absent from their teaching, research or staff activities due to illness for up to three weeks in a consecutive twelve-month period without any decrease in their stipend.

Jury Duty
Eligibility: GSIs responding to a subpoena may serve on jury duty or as a witness without loss of compensation.

Graduate students are eligible for student parking permits, which are available via application to the Parking Operations Office, 777 North University, call 764-8291 from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, with one exception – each Tuesday the office is closed between 11:30 am and 1:00 p.m. – or visit their website: Under the Parking Option section, select Student Parking.

Computing Services
In the Dana Building, GSIs may seek assistance with GSI desktop computers in Dana GSI offices; computer accounts (required to login to GSI computers); secure, backed-up network file storage; access to SNRE networked printers (black-and-white and color); access to a plotter/poster printer for printing course-related maps, posters, etc.; classroom technology; and loans of audio-visual equipment for classes from the SNRE Information Technology Services Office, 2353 Dana, (734) 647-4342,

In the Undergraduate Science Building and other LSA classroom buildings, GSIs may seek assistance from LSA Instructional Support Services, G353 Mason Hall, (734) 615-0100,

Copying Services and Supplies
Access to the photocopy machine in the Dana Building mailroom is available for course-related copying. You should obtain the appropriate access code from PitE or the faculty instructor you are assisting.

Appointment and Evaluation

Appointment Fraction
Once hired, you will receive a copy of your Fraction Calculation Sheet. This form documents how your time will be spent as anticipated by the instructor. It is the responsibility of both you and the instructor (keep time-logs and meet regularly) to make sure that you do not exceed the maximum number of work hours for the authorized appointment percentage.

Duration of Appointment
Fall appointments begin on September 1 and end on December 31; Winter appointments begin on January 1 and end April 30. At the end of your appointment period, you should turn over all grading materials (grade books, etc.) and student assignments to the instructor in charge of the course. Your responsibility to the course, the enrolled students, and the instructor ends on the last day of your appointment period.


Mid-term: The "Early Feedback Form" can be a constructive assessment of your strengths and how students respond to you as a GSI. Evaluations during the term are extremely useful in that they provide feedback from students while the course is still in progress. These evaluations are strictly for your benefit. The Early Feedback Form may be used any time during the term, though it is recommended that this be used sometime between weeks 5 and 7 of the term.

End-of-term: Evaluations are completed at the end of each term for all GSIs teaching in the Program.

GEO Cards

This card, available from PitE or on-line, authorizes the payroll deduction to meet a GSI's obligations to the GEO union and to designate the deduction as either "union dues member" or as a "representation-service fee non-member". If the payroll deduction election is selected, the dues/fees will be deducted from the third paycheck (November for Fall GSIs and March for Winter GSIs). If the payroll deduction option is not selected, payment must be made directly to the GEO in order for the student to be eligible for reemployment at the UM.

Important Contacts

Benefits, G-405 Wolverine Tower 1278, 734.615.2000
Graduate Employees Organization, 527 E. Liberty, Suite 205, 734.995.0221
Parking Services, 777 North University, 734.764.8291
Payroll Office, G-395 Wolverine Tower 1279, 734.615.2000
Student Financial Operations, 2226 Student Activities Building 1316, 734.764.7447