Here are some guidelines for PitE students to consider for graduation. Students should consult the LSA Graduation Guide for details. 


  1. Complete an audit (cannot be completed until specialization is approved).
  2. Apply for graduation.
  3. Plan to attend Commencement Events.
  4. Apply to be a student commencement speaker (for the PitE/SNRE Commencement Ceremony or U-M Student Commencement at Michigan Stadium)
  5. Nominate yourself or someone else for an award.
  6. Pick up graduation tickets.
  7. RSVP for PitE Graduation Reception and/or SNRE Commencement Ceremony (May graduates only). Details available in February.
  8. Buy your regalia. PitE also lends out gowns. More information available in March.
  9. Consider donating your purchased gown to PitE after graduation.


  1. Submit your Specialization (majors only).