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The World Needs Victors

Established in 2002, the Program in the Environment (PitE) enables students to draw from multiple disciplines to develop creative new approaches to some of our most pressing environmental and natural resource challenges. PitE’s mission is to offer an undergraduate experience that combines rigorous, interdisciplinary environmental studies and practical problem solving within an academic community that supports diversity, fosters intellectual risk-taking, and builds relationships. Your contribution will support PitE's mission in the following initiatives: practical experiences, advocacy and proposal writing workshops, practitioner in residence, leadership experience community programming, and undergraduate internship opportunities.  

Practical Experiences

Programs approved for PitE’s practical experience requirement develop student knowledge through off-campus immersions in hands-on work and research. Your support of field experiences expands merit-based and need-based scholarships to help defray the costs of studying and/or working off-campus.


Advocacy and Proposal Writing Workshops

Arts and humanities have a long history of fermenting cultural change by humanizing key elements underlying the most pressing questions faced by society. Your contribution could help PitE create various traditional and non-traditional hands-on “how it is done” workshops for undergraduate students to develop practical tools for marketing, citizenship, and responsible advocacy.

Practitioner in Residence

To train future leaders, PitE seeks opportunities for students to experience deep interactions with leading national and international environmental and sustainability practitioners from business, government, education, and other relevant areas. Your support will provide room, board, travel expenses, and an honorarium.

Leadership Experience Community Programming

Community-based service learning opportunities allow students to create and implement plans for improved environmental stewardship and sustainable practices. Your support of citizen action provides resources for students to travel, organize, and construct their vision.

Undergraduate Internship Opportunities

Students hone their practical skills in real-world situations by participating in internships across the United States and in countries around the world. For PitE students, who will be the change agents of tomorrow, this experience is critical. Your gift to PitE's internship program will help support PitE students with funding and opportunities for summer and academic year internships.


Give today because the world needs Victors. 

Ensure that the best, brightest minds have access to the College regardless of their financial circumstances. 

Fund real-world, global experiences outside the academy through entrepreneurial efforts and internships. 

Support frontline research across disciplines into bold ideas that will solve the most challenging problems in our changing world...

- a world that needs Victors.