A team of faculty members and administrative professionals are involved in the ongoing operation of the department.  In addition to the department Chair and Associate Chair, there are Directors of Graduate Studies and Undergraduate Studies who comprise the faculty administration. Administrative staff attends to the day-to-day operation of the department and are listed in this section.


Our faculty is comprised of nationally prominent scholars specializing in various fields of study. They have dedicated themselves to maintaining the highest standards in teaching, research, and service to the University and its students.  Offering courses to both undergraduate and graduate students, Michigan Political Science is consistently rated among the top departments in the United States. Click here for a listing of faculty according to specific areas of expertise.


The Lecturers in the Department of Political Science have a passion for teaching and are truly dedicated to our students.  All current Lecturers in the department are listed in this section.


The Political Science Department is honored to host scholars from around the world who desire coming to the University of Michigan to teach our students and work on their research.  Find a list of current Visiting Scholars in this section.


Emeritus professors are those who have retired from the University of Michigan after a dedicated career of teaching, research and service to the Department of Political Science.

Graduate Students

We are proud to be the home of one of the top Ph.D. programs in the country.  There are students from around the globe enrolled in our program.  Find a listing of students completing their doctoral studies, along with others who are in various stages of degree completion.  

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is a group of external alumni/ae who meet once a year to share ideas with the department Chair and each other regarding alumni relations, events in the department, the job market, and other topics related to the ongoing development of the department.