Jean Clipperton

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Jean Clipperton

Doctoral Student
Comparative Politics

  • Fields of Study
    • Comparative Politics, Methodology
  • About

    My research interests include institutional design and change, the influence of institutions on behavior, and the interaction between institutions and behavior. Recently, I have focused on how states create effective laws, the determinants of effective legislation, and the effect of legislative choices on outcomes, like constitutional longevity. My work incorporates ideas and approaches from political science, complex systems and social sciences more generally.

    In my dissertation, I analyze directive compliance among European Union member states. I ask what contributes to successful implementation (“transposition”) and what we might learn about rule-making from member state compliance. I evaluate whether qualities of legislative decisions destine themselves for success or failure and consider whether state capacity trumps their particular attributes.

  • Education
    • Simpson College, Bachelor of Arts, 2007