Kirill Kalinin

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Kirill Kalinin

Doctoral Student
Comparative Politics

  • Fields of Study
    • Comparative Politics
    • Methods
  • About

    Kirill Kalinin is a doctoral candidate in the Department of Political Science at the University of Michigan and a student in the Program in Survey Methodology at the Institute for Social Research. Before enrolling at U-M in 2008, he was a Fulbright and Carnegie Visiting Scholar at ISR’s Center for Political Studies. In 2008-09, he was an Emerging Democracy Fellow at theWeiser Center for Emerging Democracies. While conducting fieldwork in Russia in 2012, he was a visiting instructor at the New Economic School in Moscow and European University at St. Petersburg. His major research interests are election forensic analysis and political methodology.

  • Dissertation Title
    • Analysis of Election Frauds and Preference Falsification in Authoritarian Regimes
  • Dissertation Chair
    • Walter Mebane
  • Dissertation Committee
    • Walter Mebane, Jenna Bednar, Ken Kollman, Allen Hicken