Dumitru Minzarari

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Minzari 2011

Doctoral Student
World Politics

  • Fields of Study
    • World Politics
    • Comparative Politics
    • Methodology
  • About

    Dumitru's research focuses on violent interstate and intrastate conflicts, cultural determinants of human collective behavior, and the effect of international institutions on world order.  Particularly, he is interested in the internal dynamics of the modern insurgent-counterinsurgent interactions viewed as an evolving combat ecology system.  He also looks at how institutions are able to affect the degree of international system order through altering the level of uncertainty in international affairs.  In addition, Dumitru is obtaining a graduate certificate in Complex Systems, applying nonlinear dynamical systems methodological framework to the study of insurgencies.  

  • Education
    • Columbia University (New York), School of International and Public Affairs, Master of Arts in International Affairs, 2006