Damien Picariello

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Picariello 2011

Doctoral Student
Political Theory

  • Fields of Study
    • Political Theory
    • Public Law
    • Literature/Film and Politics
    • American Politics
  • About

    My scholarly work runs between disciplines, both in its approach and in the subjects it addresses. Most broadly, I explore some of the central questions of politics by drawing on materials that contemporary political science often neglects: novels, films, plays, and classical history, amongst others. I’m interested in how materials drawn broadly from the humanities and social sciences can inform and enliven our discussions of some of the perennial questions of political thought. My research therefore combines a solid grounding in the history of political thought with an openness to, and exploration of, materials underutilized by political scientists. My current work applies these resources to the question of political knowledge. What can we know – as opposed to simply believe – about politics? How can (and how should) knowledge about politics inform the way in which we do politics? How can (and how should) political knowledge inform political action? In modeling political knowledge in often-unfamiliar ways, and in provoking us to consider the fraught relationship between reason and politics, the materials I explore suggest insights that can enrich our answers to these questions. By dramatizing in addition to explaining – by adding action to argument – these materials add a new and valuable dimension to our discussions.