Rachel Augustine Potter

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Rachel Potter

Doctoral Student
American Politics

  • Fields of Study
    • American Politics
    • Methodology
    • Public Policy
  • About

    Rachel is a Ph.D. candidate in Political Science and Public Policy. Her research interests include the bureaucracy, Congress, and American political institutions more broadly.  Her current research examines how bureaucratic agencies create policy change through administrative rulemaking.  Prior to her arrival in Ann Arbor, Rachel worked for a number of governmental institutions, including the White House Office of Management and Budget, the U.S. Government Accountability Office, and the German Federal Ministry of the Interior.  

  • Education
    • Boston College, Bachelor of Arts, 2001
    • University of Southern California, Master's in Public Policy, 2005
  • Dissertation Title
    • Writing the Rules of the Game: The Strategic Logic of Agency Rulemaking
  • Dissertation Chair
    • Charles Shipan
  • Dissertation Committee
    • Charles Shipan, Richard Hall, Ken Kollman, Jowei Chen