Christopher Skovron

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Doctoral Student
American Politics, Methodology

  • Fields of Study
    • American Politics, Methodology
  • About

    I study American politics with a focus on political behavior, representation, identity, and civic competence. I also do work in political methodology with a focus on statistical modeling and survey methodology.

    My research considers how citizens make decisions in low-information environments, particularly in state and local elections. I also study the role of prejudice and group identity in American politics, especially in the LGBT rights movement. My methodological interests focus on the challenges associated with state politics and identity research.

    With Nicholas Carnes, David E. Broockman, and Melody Crowder-Meyer, I am co-PI of the National Candidate Study, a survey of office-seekers across the country.

    With Logan S. Casey and L.E. Hunter, I am a co-coordinator of the Interdisciplinary Workshop in Empirical Queer Studies.

    Conference Presentations

    2013 Midwest Political Science Association: "Candidates' Perceptions of Constituent Opinion: Evidence from the National Candidate Study" (with David Broockman); "A Menu, Not a Ladder: Choice Models for Political Participation"

  • Education
    • BA, Political Science, The Ohio State University, 2011