Alexander Von Hagen-Jamar

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Doctoral Student
International Relations

  • Fields of Study
    • International Relations
    • Methodology
  • About

    Alex is interested in questions about international security, including topics such as arming, alliance dynamics, institutions, and strategic interdependence. His dissertation explores the variety of ways political institutions shape military spending, with a particular focus on how leaders and governments perceive and respond to threats to their security. He also has ongoing research projects on military alliances and the mental health costs of war. He teaches classes on international politics, security, and research methodology.

  • Dissertation Title
    • Arming and Regime Types: How Political Institutions, Foreign and Domestic Threats, and Distributive Politics Interact to Shape Military Spending.
  • Dissertation Chair
    • James Morrow
  • Dissertation Committee
    • James Morrow , Allan Stam, Robert Franzese, Walter Mebane