Alexander Von Hagen-Jamar

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Doctoral Student
International Relations

  • Fields of Study
    • International Relations
    • Methodology
  • About

    Alex's work asks and answers questions about international security. He is particularly interested in how and why states acquire the tools of violence. His dissertation argues that political institutions interact with foreign and domestic threats to explain variation in miliary spending. He is continuing and extending that work, has has ongoing projects on military alliances, security policy in East Asia, and the mental health costs of war. He teaches courses on international politics, security, and research methodology. He is currently a Global Postdoctoral Fellow at NYU Shanghai.

  • Dissertation Title
    • Political Institutions and the Causes of Military Spending
  • Dissertation Chair
    • James Morrow
  • Dissertation Committee
    • James Morrow , Allan Stam, Robert Franzese, Walter Mebane