Bonnie Washick

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Barbara Washick

Doctoral Student
Political Theory

  • Fields of Study
    • Political Theory
    • Gender and Politics/Feminist Theory
    • Race, Ethnicity & Politics
  • About

    Bonnie is interested in public discourse and democratic agency given new internet mediums. Her dissertation explores the political work of written exchange in feminist and other digital, discourse communities that frame themselves as "safe" or "safer" spaces. The core questions that guide her work are as follows: 

    -- Why do people create and seek out digital spaces framed as operating differently from, or even contesting norms of public discourse on the web? To what extant does the felt need for these spaces map onto inequalities, but in particular across gender and race?

    -- How does participation on these sites shape participants' sense of themselves as political actors? How does it shape what it means to be and act as a feminist?

    -- How do participants create different standards of "legitimate" public discourse? What do we make of the use of censorship and other means of policing discourse which appear anti-democratic?

  • Education
    • University of Michigan, Graduate Certificate (Women's Studies)
    • University of Michigan, Graduate Teacher Certificate
    • American University, BA, International Studies & Philosophy
  • Awards
    • Sweetland Writing Center Junior Fellow, 2012
    • Horace H. Rackham Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, 2011
    • Kingdon Award for Excellence as a Graduate Student Instructor, 2011
    • Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society, 2005
  • Grants
    • Community of Scholars Fellowship, 2012
    • Horace H. Rackham Spring/Summer Research Grant (w/ Elizabeth Wingrove), 2011
    • Summer Collaboration Fellowship (w/ Lisa Disch), 2010
  • Presentations
    • “Giving Voice to Inequality on the Web: Feminists Blogging Across Differences,” accepted to the Western Political Science Association Conference, 2013
    • “Bodies, Words, and ‘Safe Spaces’ on the Internet,” presented at the University of Michigan Community of Scholars Symposium, 2012
    • “ A Feminist Counterpublic’s Rearticulation of ‘Safety’ in Virtual Space,” presented at Virginia Tech's Gender, Bodies & Technologies Conference, 2012
    • “Politics that Matter: Thinking about Power and Justice with the New Materialists,” co-authored with Elizabeth Wingrove, presented at the Western Political Science Association Conference, 2012
  • Dissertation Title
    • "Strange Spaces and Stranger Sensibilities: Conceptualizing Feminist Counterpublicity on the Web"
  • Dissertation Chair
    • Elizabeth Wingrove
  • Dissertation Committee
    • Don Herzog
    • Mika LaVaque-Manty