Bonnie Washick

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Bonnie Washick

Doctoral Student
Political Theory

  • Fields of Study
    • Political Theory
    • Gender and Politics/Feminist Theory
    • Race, Ethnicity & Politics
  • About

    Bonnie is interested in public discourse, democratic agency, and feminist activism given new Internet mediums. Her dissertation, titled “Strange Spaces and Stranger Sensibilities: Theorizing Publics & Counterpublics on the Web,” develops an account of the Internet as affording spaces of politics wherein distinctive political visions and practices emerge through the interaction of actors who build, imagine, and spend time on different sites. At the heart of her inquiry are online feminist “safe spaces,” the practices they engender, the Internet “trolls” they are frequented by, and their representation in mainstream media. Her project illustrates how beliefs about the world are given form in the immaterial spaces of the Web and, in turn, have real effects in shaping the lives and experiences of embodied users who interact in these spaces. Additionally, her research offers insight into larger questions of democratic politics in the age of the Internet, an age characterized by digital, mass publication and concerns about the erosion of community and the commercialization or capture of citizens attentions.

    Bonnie is also passionate about teaching and developing her skills as a teacher. She has been sole instructor of three courses of her own design: Political Science 302, Political Thought: Modern to Recent; Political Science 300, Contemporary Issues in U.S. Politics; and English 125, First Year Writing: Justice, Political Thought, & Action. She has served as a Graduate Student Instructor for four additional courses.

  • Education
    • University of Michigan, Graduate Certificate (Women's Studies)
    • University of Michigan, Graduate Teacher Certificate
    • American University, BA, International Studies & Philosophy
  • Awards
    • Horace H. Rackham Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor Award, 2011
    • Kingdon Award for Excellence as a Graduate Student Instructor, 2011
  • Grants
    • Graduate Fellowship, Institute for the Humanities, 2014-2015
    • Mary Malcomson Raphael Fellowship, Center for the Education of Women, 2014-2015
    • Clark & Robin Chandler Fellowship, Rackham Graduate School, 2014
  • Presentations
    • "'everywhere and nowhere, but...not where bodies live': Tracing the Politics of Early CyberspatialImaginaries." Accepted at the Technology/Politics Conference at Trent University, October 2014
    • "'There are no girls on the Internet': Situating Digital "Safe Spaces" in Histories of Internet Politics & Feminist Praxis." Presented at the Western Political Science Association Conference, April 2014
  • Pedagogical Training & Service
    • Workshop: Designing a Syllabus, UM Dept. of Political Science, 2014
    • Invited Guest Speaker, POLSCI 993, Teaching Political Science, 2012 & 2013
    • English 993, Teaching First Year Writing, 2012
  • Dissertation Committee
    • Elizabeth Wingrove (Chair), Don Herzog, Mika LaVaque-Manty, and Andre Brock (Communication Studies)
  • Dissertation Title
    • "Strange Spaces and Stranger Sensibilities: Theorizing Publics & Counterpublics on the Web"