Jessica Steinberg

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Steinberg 2012

Doctoral Student
Comparative Politics

  • Fields of Study
    • Natural Resource Management
    • Ungoverned Spaces
    • Local Institutions
  • About

    Jessica is interested in sub-national variation in state authority and goods provision, local origins of the resource curse, enclaves, and governance.  Her dissertation research focuses on natural resource enclaves and the interaction between the state, extractive firms, and the local population to understand when goods and services are provided to the local population in these regions.  Her methodological approach is primarily game theoretic, with supporting case studies from Africa and plans for large-N GIS dataset analysis.  She has conducted field work in Congo-Brazzaville, Zambia, DRC, and Mozambique.  Some of the kinds of questions that interest her are:

    --What are the local politics of natural resource extraction? What are the aspects of the natural resources, the state, and the local population that determines the local allocation of resource rents?

    --How do governments manage perceived tradeoffs between revenues and political support?

    --When do states subcontract out certain tasks to non-state actors?

  • Education
    • University of Michigan, Master of Arts (Political Science)
    • Stanford University, Bachelor of Arts with Honors (Political Science)
  • Awards
    • Rackham International Research Award (2011)
    • Graduate Seminar on Global Transformations (2010)
    • International Institute Individual Fellowship (summer 2009)
  • Grants
    • Center for Afro-American and African Studies African Initiatives Grant (2009)
    • Rackham Pre-Doctoral Summer Research Grant (2010)
    • Rackham Doctoral Research Summer Research Grant (2012)
  • Presentations
    • Western Political Science Association (accepted for presentation, April 2013)
    • International Studies Association (accepted for presentation, San Francisco, April 2013)
    • Interdisciplinary Ph.D. Workshop on Sustainability (Columbia University, April 2012)
    • American Political Science Association (accepted, New Orleans, 2012)
    • Midwest Political Science Association Presentation (Chicago 2010)
  • Dissertation Title
    • Strategic Sovereignty: Non State Goods Provision and Resistance in Regions of Natural Resource Extraction
  • Dissertation Chair
    • Allan Stam
  • Dissertation Committee
    • Allan Stam, Anna Gzrymala-Busse, Scott Page, Brian Min, Anne Pitcher