Ashley Jardina

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Ashley Jardina

Doctoral Student
American Politics

  • Fields of Study
    • American Politics
    • Race and Ethnicity Politics
    • Political Behavior
  • About

    Ashley is a Ph.D. candidate in American politics at the University of Michigan.  Her primary research interests include race and ethnicity, public opinion, and identity politics.  Her dissertation examines the effect of changing demographics in the United States on racial group attitudes among whites and political preferences.

    Her other projects focus on the role of party signals on race and gender in party realignment (with Nancy Burns, Don Kinder, and Molly Reynolds), the extent to which racial primes are accepted or rejected by members of different racial/ethnic groups (with Vincent Hutchings, Robert Mickey, and Hanes Walton, Jr.), attitudes toward immigration (with Ted Brader and Nicholas Valentino), and understanding the endorsement and transmission of rumors about Barack Obama (with Michael Traugott).



    • Nicholas A. Valentino, Ted Brader, and Ashley E. Jardina. 2013. “Immigration Opposition Among U.S. Whites: General Ethnocentrism or Media Priming of Attitudes About Latinos?” Political Behavior 34(2): 149-166.
    • Vincent L. Hutchings and Ashley E. Jardina. 2009. “Experiments on Racial Priming in Political Campaigns.” Annual Review of Political Science 12: 397-402.

  • Grants
    • National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship, 2007-2010
    • Gerald R. Ford Fellowship, The University of Michigan, 2011, 2012
    • Susan Lipschutz Award for promising women scholars, The University of Michigan, 2011
  • Dissertation Title
    • Threats to their Dominant Status: The Role of White Racial Identity in Political Preferences
  • Dissertation Chair
    • Ted Brader and Vincent Hutchings (co-chairs)
  • Dissertation Committee
    • Ted Brader, Vincent Hutchings, Donald Kinder, Nicholas Valentino