Affiliated Faculty

  • Tilman Borgers

    Tilman Börgers

    Samuel Zell Professor of the Economics of Risk 337 Lorch Hall

    Game theory and microeconomic theory734.764.8022 /

  • Sarah Buss

    Sarah Buss

    Professor 2235 AH

    Moral philosophy734.764.6285 /

  • John Chamberlin

    John Chamberlin

    Professor 4121 Weill Hall

  • William R. Clark

    William Clark

    Professor, Department of Political Science Haven Hall 7767

    734-763-9715 /

  • Lisa Disch

    Lisa Disch

    Professor 7727 Haven Hall

    Democratic theory, political ecology, and gender &

  • ProfFan

    Ying Fan

    Assistant Professor of Economics 308 Lorch Hall

    Industrial organization, applied microeconomics734.763.3096 /

  • Gibbard

    Allan Gibbard

    Richard B. Brandt Distinguished University Professor 2187 AH

    Moral philosophy, political philosophy, social choice theory, and decision theory734.764.6285 /

  • Ron Inglehart

    Ronald Inglehart

    Amy and Alan Lowenstein Professor in Democracy,
    Democratization and Human Rights
    4255 ISR

  • Jim Joyce

    James Joyce

    Cooper Harold Langford Collegiate Professor 2223 AH

    Decision Theory, Statistics734.764.6285 /

  • Maitra

    Ishani Maitra

    Undergraduate Studies Chair 2200 AH

    Feminist Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Social and Political Philosophy734.764.6285 /

  • andymark.jpg

    Andrei S. Markovits

    Comparative politics of advanced industrial states, European politics, the European Left, European right-wing politics and fascisms, and sports as culture in advance industrial

  • Brian Min

    Brian Min

    Assistant Professor
    Faculty Associate, Center for Political Studies

    7634 Haven Hall
    505 S. State St.

    Political Economy of

  • Sarah Moss

    Sarah Moss

    Associate Professor 2232 AH

    Logic, Epistemology, Philosophy of Language734.764.6285 /

  • ssalant

    Stephen W. Salant

    Professor of Economics (on leave Winter 2015) 254 Lorch Hall

    welfare economics, applied microtheory734.764.2370 /

  • Matthew Shapiro

    Matthew Shapiro

    Lawrence R. Klein Collegiate Professor of Economics 317 Lorch Hall

    734.764.5419 /

  • Joel Slemrod

    Joel Slemrod

    Professor of Economics Ross R5396

    Public Finance734.936.3914 /

  • Jeff Smith

    Jeffrey Smith

    Professor of Economics 306 Lorch Hall

    734.764.5359 /

  • SwansonPPE

    Eric Swanson

    Associate Professor 2259 AH

    Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics, Epistemology and

  • Weatherson

    Brian Weatherson

    Marshall M. Weinberg Professor 2207 AH

    Logic, Probability, game Theory/Decision Theory, and the use of modelling in Economics and Philosophy734.764.6285 /

  • Mariah Zeisberg

    Mariah Zeisberg

    Associate Professor 7757 Haven Hall