Sociology 389 - Project Community

Community Service in an Education Setting
Students in Project Community learn about the current dilemmas facing the U.S. education system.

Day in the Life - Hospital

Community Service in a Public Health Setting
Students in Project Community work in a wide range of medical and community settings to better understand issues of illness, food insecurity, and gender/sexuality

Become a Peer Facilitator!
Students interested in a more in depth experience and gaining leadership experience can take the course SOC325 and become a peer facilitator

Group Photo Fleming

Get out into the Community!
In addition to sites throughout Ann Arbor, Project Community provides transportation to sites in Ypsilanti and Detroit.

Welcome to Project Community

Project Community is a program within the Department of Sociology.  We are committed to student involvement in community service and social action, both to improve the lives of those in the community, as well as to enhance student learning and development.  By engaging in service and complementary active learning, students grow in social responsibility, develop critical thinking skills, assess personal values, and come to better understand themselves.  Students are primarily involved with individuals in the community who experience social inequalities, and learn with, from, and about them.

Program areas include: education • gender and sexuality • public health • criminal justice

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