Ian Robinson

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Project Community Faculty Director

Office Location(s): 3214 LSA
Phone: 734.763.1270
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    • Sociology
    • Residential College
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    Much of my recent work examines the economic and political consequences of the current, neoliberal model of national and international economic organization. I am co-authoring a book that explores how neoliberal restructuring has affected the labor movements of North America, and how these movements have responded strategically to these changes. I am also researching the impact of neoliberal policies and their legitimating discourses on the dynamics of federal systems, and on the levels and forms of political participation in the United States and Canada. Assessing the feasibility of alternatives to the neoliberal model is another concern. I am working with three Sociology colleagues (Prasad, Kimeldorf and Meyer) to develop experiments to assess the feasibility of consumer-oriented schemes for advancing international worker rights. Longer range projects are a comparative analysis of the evolution of U.S. and Canadian labor movement character since the late 19th century, and a systematic exploration of the factors explaining variations in labor movement political power within the rich capitalist polities of the global North.

  • Education
    • Ph.D. Yale University (Political Science), 1990