Tasha Tardieu

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Tasha Tardieu

Peer Facilitator

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    Tasha is a Sophomore in the College of Engineering.  She is serving as the peer facilitator for section 101 - Pittsfield Elementary School, where the students in Project Community assist classroom teachers with running reading groups, math tutoring, and one-on-one instruction with children experiencing difficulty with the schoolwork.

    She tells us: "I did Project Community in the Winter 2013 semester and I really enjoyed it! It was such a great experience, not only at site but even at class discussions. I am looking forward to learning more form my peers about their experiences with the education system and what they think could be done to improve it. Furthermore, Project Community has helped me to understand the complex theme of diversity in American life and has opened my eyes to the day-to-day interactions of people around me such as who they choose to be around, when they choose to speak, how they approach their studies and more. This class has definitely helped me to identify with a wider group of identities as I have progressed through it."