Psych Alumni Profiles

  • Kristen Anderson

    Kristen Anderson

    Therapist, Eating Disorders Program
    University of Chicago Center for the Surgical Treatment of Obesity

  • Astrid Beigel

    Astrid Beigel

    Mental Health Clinical District Chief
    County of Los Angeles, Department of Mental Health

  • John Copeland

    John Copeland

    Senior Expert - Marketing & Sales Practice
    McKinsey & Company

  • Howard Eichenbaum

    Howard Eichenbaum

    University Professor
    Boston University

  • Nakia Gordon

    Nakia Gordon

    Assistant Professor of Psychology
    Marquette University

  • Willie Green

    Willie Green

    Assistant Director of Diversity Initiatives
    Fuqua School of Business, Duke University

  • Andrew Green

    Andrew Green

    Web Master
    National Center for Manufacturing Sciences

  • Jonny Imerman

    Jonny Imerman

    Chief Mission Officer
    IMERMAN ANGELS, 1-on-1 Cancer Support

  • R. David Kissinger

    R. David Kissinger

    Retired Director of Counseling Center
    Binghamton University, Private Clinical Psychology practice

  • Don R. Powell

    Don R. Powell, Ph.D.

    President & CEO
    American Institute for Preventive Medicine

  • Paul J. Rosen

    Paul J. Rosen

    Assistant Professor of Psychology
    University of Louisville

  • Tansley Stearns

    Tansley Stearns

    Director of Innovation
    Filene Research Institute

  • Drew Steding

    Drew Steding

    Assistant Director
    Campus Information Centers, University of Michigan

  • Tiana Tocco

    Tiana Tocco

    Graduate Assistant - Career Counselor