Randolph Nesse

Dr. Nesse received his B.A. from Carleton College and his M.D. from the University of Michigan. He is a Professor of Psychiatry and Psychology at the University of Michigan and a Senior Research Scientist at the Research Center for Group Dynamics. Dr. Nesse is also the director of the Institute of Social Research Evolution and Human Adaptation Program.

Dr. Nesse's research interests include evolutionary psychology and Darwinian medicine with an emphasis on the evolutionary origins and functions of emotions involved in psychopathology. In particular, he studies how natural selection shaped the capacity for mood and how the regulation of normal high and low mood is related to clinical depression. Other interests include: motivation and unreachable goals; virtual foraging; studies of serotonin, cortisol and testosterone; behavioral genetics of personality; and studies of the human capacity for commitment.

In psychiatric practice, he specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of depression and anxiety disorders.

Office: # 3217 East Hall
Office hours: by appointment**
Phone: 764-6593
Email: rmnweb@nesse.org

Home page: http://www-personal.umich.edu/~nesse/ 

**Prof. Nesse will usually be available in the atrium of the Chemistry building for 1 hour before class.  This is so that students have an opportunity to have an informal discussion with him regarding any issues or questions about the course.

Alan Weder

Dr. Weder obtained his medical degree at Hahnemann Medical College in 1975 and went on to train in Internal Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology at the University of Chicago. He joined the faculty of the University of Michigan in 1982, and is currently Professor of Internal Medicine. He became Chief of the Hypertension Division in June 1999.

Dr. Weder's research interests include the genetic epidemiology of hypertension and the mechanisms of action of antihypertensive drugs. He is currently the director of GenNet, whose aims are described at http://www.med.umich.edu/intmed/hypertension/research.htm#fbpp.

In clinical practice, he specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of severe and resistant hypertension.

Office: Department of Internal Medicine/Division of Cardiovascular Medicine, Office 24 Frank Lloyd Wright Drive, Lobby M, P.O. Box 322
Phone: 938-7956
Office hours: 3-4 PM, Tuesday & Thursday, 1273 East Hall
Email: aweder@umich.edu

Stephanie Gervasi
Jennifer Harwood-Stamper
Ashley Hazel ahazel@umich.edu
Graduate Student Instructors:

Stephanie Gervasi
Email: sgervasi@umich.edu
Office: G573 Dana Building
Office Hours: 9-11 AM Tuesday

Jennifer Harwood-Stamper
Email: jlharwoo@umich.edu
Office: 1271 East Hall
Office Hours: 2-4 PM Monday

Ashley Hazel
Email: ahazel@umich.edu
Office Phone: 764-6189
Office: 1
271 East Hall
Office hours:
1-3 PM Monday