Edward Chang

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Edward Chang


Office Location(s): 2263 East Hall
Phone: 734.647.3876
Perfectionism and Optimism-Pessimism Lab

  • About

    My current research interests involve the study of several different predictors of psychological and physical adjustment, including optimism and pessimism, perfectionism, and social problem solving. I am also interested in understanding how cultural and racial factors influence the function of these variables on outcome, and in examining stress and coping and diathesis-stress models of adjustment. Recently, I have become particularly interested in international collaborations, working with colleagues in China, Hungary, and Poland.

    Representative Publications

    1. Chang, E. C. (2013). Perfectionism and Loneliness as Predictors of Depressive and Anxious Symptoms in Asian and European Americans:  Do Self-Construal Schemas Also Matter?  Cognitive Therapy and Research.

    2. Chang, E. C., Yu, E. A., & Hirsch, J. K. (2013). On the confluence of optimism and hope on depressive symptoms in primary care patients: Does doubling up on bonum futurum proffer any added benefits? The Journal of Positive Psychology.

    3. Chang, E. C., Yu, E. A., Kahle, E. R., Jeglic, E. L., & Hirsch, J. K. (2013). Is doubling up on positive future cognitions associated with lower suicidal risk in Latinos?: A look at hope and positive problem orientation. Cognitive Therapy and Research.

    4. Chang, E. C., Kahle, E. R., & Hirsch, J. K. (in press). Understanding how domestic abuse is associated with greater depressive symptoms in a community sample of female primary care patients: Does lack of belongingness matter? Violence Against Women.

    5. Chang, E. C., Perera, M. J., & Kupfermann, Y. (in press). Predictors of eating disturbances in South Asian American females: A look at negative affectivity and contingencies of self-worth. Asian American Journal of Psychology.

    6. Chang, E. C., Yu, E. A., Lee, J. Y., Hirsch, J. K., Kupfermann, Y., & Kahle, E. R. (2013). An examination of optimism/pessimism and suicide risk in primary care patients: Does belief in a changeable future make a difference? Cognitive Therapy and Research, 37, 796-804.

    7. Downey, C. A., & Chang, E. C. (2013). Assessment of everyday beliefs about health: The Lay Concepts of Health Inventory, College Student Version. Psychology & Health, 28, 818-832.

    8. Chang, E. C. (Ed.). (2012). Handbook of adult psychopathology in Asians: Diagnosis, etiology, and treatment. New York: Oxford University Press.

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    10. Chang, E. C. (Ed.). (2007). Self-criticism and self-enhancement: Theory, research, and clinical implications. Washington, DC: American Psychological Association.

  • Education
    • Ph.D. State University of New York at Stony Brook
  • Area
    • Clinical